Healthy And Natural Treatments To Reduce Skin Tanning

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Skin tanning is one of major problem for beauty lovers. Especially tan lines forming in face may reduce the self-confidence. So people always like to free from tan lines. There are numerous books and sites are clearly explaining how to prevent the tan lines in skin.

Only some of the books and sites give clear-cut idea to diminish the tan lines. Tanning is nothing but the process of skin becomes dark due to over exposure of ultra violet light. The skin in the human body contains some pigments, that is some chemicals.

When ultra violet rays touch the skin it start to react with pigments. The property of the pigment is changed therefore color of the skin is changed.

Effective precautions to avoid skin tanning:

It is difficult to remove the tannin in the skin, but skin tanning is quite easy to prevent. The following steps are effective ways to prevent the skin tanning

1.    The even fall of sun rays in human body may protect the skin tanning. Get naked, but it is impossible to come out as naked. So use loose fitting clothes and makes the sun rays to fall evenly on all part of the body.

2.    Mobile sun block is vital to prevent tanning. Keep the sun block wherever you go, because sun block filters the unwanted ultra violet rays. So there is no possibility of ultra violet rays falls on human body.

3.    In peak hours the intensity of sun ray is normally high. So avoid sun rays falls in peak hours. Don’t come outside in afternoon. The rays come out from sun, burns the pigment present in the skin.

Home remedies:

Some of the people have bright skin and some of the people have dark skin because of various reasons including genetics, age, and habitat. The reason for dark color is due to over accumulation of melanin.

Melanin is a hormone, which gives strength to the human body. That’s why most of the Africans are very strong in nature. At the same time in Africa continents the temperature is normally crosses 35 degree Celsius. So there is a possibility of sun rays fall in the body.

The best way to remove the tanning is by using home made products. The advantages of homemade products are

1.     Products, which are going to use for the treatment of tanning, is very cheap.

2.   A homemade product doesn’t produce side effects. All other products may cause some side effects to the body.

To remove the skin tan approximately 1 week is enough. The following products are considered as homemade products, which are used to destroy the tan.

1.    Lemon used to reduce tanning, because lemon contain vitamin C, which enhances the intensity of reaction with the pigments.

2.    Cucumber is also used for the same cause as mentioned above. Cucumber is not generally used in our home, because availability of cucumber is very less compared to lemon.

3.    Honey and rose oil are also used to attack the tanning.

4.    The mix of lemon and turmeric powder is an ideal treatment for tanning, because the efficiency of the treatment is higher than all other treatments.

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